Monday, February 21, 2011

Those Who Are Better

I hope you had a moment to read my latest installment for my 2011 Craft Quest. If not, please check it out here: Essentially, I want to try a new craft each month. For February, I gave my best to creating two paper rings. I really like each one and hope to create more. As with anything, it takes time and practice (read: patience) to really develop skills. Today, I want to give a nod to those who are better at creating with paper. Each selection is currently for sale and is handmade.
This ring is made from recycled magazine paper. What a great idea! I absolutely love the aqua color and the heart shaped ring back - not to mention the "green"-ness of it all.

This pair of earrings were created in Belgium and are so unique! I adore the stitching, as you can probably tell from my own work. I also am in love with the skeleton key with the heart lock. These are just adorable!

This brooch was made in Italy and looks pretty complicated. It is so delicate and would make a perfect gift. My favorite part is definitely the visibility of the font from the paper the creator used.

Each of these items really makes me want to focus more on using paper in this unconventional way. May the universe grant me ample time for this. :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Month 2 - Paper Jewelry

Okay so I'm not exempt from the New Years resolution curse. It is February 17th and I just tonight did my February craft. I'm a slacker, go ahead and throw tomatoes at me. But I do think you will like my lastest installment.

I recently discovered that you can sew paper. Maybe I'm the last to know, but I think it's pretty neat. I made two rings tonight out of scrapbooking paper.

First, I cut the paper into strips.

I made sure to crinkle the strips to try to make them softer. I was worried they might tear more easily if I didn't. Then I sewed green and pink stiches down all the strips.

For the first ring, I took two strips and intertwined them and formed them into a square-ish shape that I liked. I put a yellow triangle button on top. OooOoo.. ahhhhh.

For the second ring, I took one strip of the paper and pleated it into a fan shape and secured it to the ring base. Personally, I like this one better because of the "drama" of it.

At the end of the day (night, really) these were both fun to make and it was really neat to work with a different type of medium. Maybe if I don't continue on this bum phase, I will experiment more before March begins. We shall see.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Button Head Band

Ivy loves to play with my collection of buttons every time she comes over. If I'm sewing, she'll organize them for me. This time while we were playing around I had the idea to make her a button head band. This is something so easy that she would be able to help me with.

We are not all work. Little girls can have fun doing just about anything, even spinning with elastic.

Ivy wasn't so keen on my idea, so I made one for myself to show her how it would look. You can see I'm already wearing mine. She promises that if I make it, she will wear it. We shall see! She doesn't like anything in her hair. It is a fight just for a pony tail.

This was Ivy's favorite part. She loves to bring order to anything and she is very particular about how she is lining up these buttons. Don't tell her that later that day, I tripped over something and messed up her precise order.

When I say this is an easy project, I really mean it. You just need elastic, buttons and thread. Sew each button onto the band with your own desired distance between them. Keep in mind that it will stretch when you put it on. Meaning, the buttons below look like they are overlapped, but once the head band goes on, they will be spaced apart.

Ta Da!! Now, let's hope she wears it!

Monday, January 24, 2011

This just in.. Free Shipping!

I had an extended weekend this past weekend. I had big plans for myself - crafting plans. It's as though my body knew this and insisted on ruining this! I started feeling ill Thursday night and here I am, Monday morning, back at work. Needless to say, little crafting was done. I did begin a button necklace with my niece - I'll share that once it's complete - but other than that, nada. Being sick does have it's benefits though. My husband took good care of me and I had a sweet visit from my niece. Here's a picture of the two from a couple of months ago, but I believe this truly sums up their craziness. In other news, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on my Etsy store. I have some of my favorite items below. And of course, I live in Pittsburgh, so I couldn't help but include my Steeler Fabric Ring. Here's to hoping next weekend leaves me more crafting time and less sick time.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January Necklace - Update!

I have worn my beautiful purple beaded fabric necklace a few times already. I wasn't kidding about loving it! I've built a couple outfits around it and have gotten so much feedback about it. I have since decided to list it on my Etsy shop. Check out the link directly below. I have enough fabric to make one, maybe two more, so I hope you don't miss out. If you want to make any changes, or request a custom one, check out the second link below.

To continue on with the jewelry theme for January, I'm hoping to have a moment this weekend to list and blog about some new earrings, rings and bracelets.

I have been thinking about my February craft - don't you worry. There are so many ideas, I just don't know how to pick! And here lies my problem and need for this 2011 Craft Quest resolution.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Month 1 - Fabric Jewelry

I love small projects. I like something that can be accomplished in less than a weekend. My curse is that I have so many ideas that I quickly want to move from one thing to another. Don't we all have a little less focus than we'd like?

This is where my idea for this blog began. I currently have an Etsy shop. I grew tired of trying to make the same design in several different colors to give my buyers a variety. Even more so, it's hard to do this not knowing if something will be sold. Custom work fuels me and allows me to be the most creative. Back to the blog idea - if I can create something new once a month, I will feel like I'm developing my skills and staying fresh. Instead of making a million of one thing, I'll just make one for myself! If you see anything you like, let me know and I will make one custom for you.

More than anything, I want to give you a peek into my crazy crafting mind!

And so, 2011 Craft Quest begins!

For the month of January, I'm venturing into fabric jewelry. I love prints when it comes to accessories because most of my clothing is all solid colors. Bringing in prints to a plain black top is the easiest (and most economic) way to make you feel like you've got options and you don't think "Oh, this is the fourth time this month I've worn this outfit." I also love pieces that have dimension.

And now for the unveiling of my first piece. I can't wait to wear it!!

If you'd like to request a custom necklace, please visit my Etsy site: